5 ways to celebrate Independence Day with Kids


Independence Day is one of the most significant days in the Indian history. It was the day when Self-rule or Swaraj became reinstated in this country after being ruled over by the British for over 200 years. Citizens celebrate this day with much joy and enthusiasm by hoisting the tricolour flag and singing patriotic songs. It is the day when we remember the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives to make the nation free. We are proud to be Indians. For our kids to have this pride deeply ingrained in them, it is essential for them to understand the importance of this day.

Plan various participative fun activities for your kids to make them understand the significance of Independence Day, and ensure that they look forward to celebrating the Independence Day each year.

Five ways to celebrate Independence Day with kids

1. Flag hoisting ceremony


Flag-hoisting is one of the most important rituals of Independence Day. We pay respect to our national flag by hoisting it and singing the national anthem. The tricolour flag is hoisted almost everywhere in the country on Independence Day, especially in schools, colleges, and government institutions. The schools celebrate Independence Day and educate the children about the importance of this day through flag-hoisting, speeches, song, and dance, etc.  Housing societies also host flag hoisting ceremonies. Ensure that you and your child participate in the flag hoisting ceremony.

2. Conducting a skit/role play


Children learn a great deal through skits, and role plays. Organize a get-together for your kids and his/her friends and make them perform a role play on their favourite freedom story.

3. Watching a patriotic movie


Children enjoy movies. Cinema plays a significant role in shaping the outlook of children. Schedule a patriotic movie screening at your place on the Independence Day. Ask your kid to invite his/her friends. Pep the movie screening by arranging popcorn for the kids. Post the movie screening session, let the kids share their favourite Independence Day stories.

4. Organizing an Independence Day-themed get-together


Children enjoy get-togethers. Organize an Independence Day get-together at your place for your kids and their friends. Get your kids to decorate the house with tricolour balloons, ribbons, flags and many more DIY tricolour things. You can ask the kids to be dressed up in tri-colours or resembling their favourite freedom fighters. Get the kids to sing patriotic songs and dance to patriotic numbers. You can also conduct a patriotically themed quiz. End the evening by sharing a few stories of the Independence struggle.

5. Taking a historical walk


Find out the various historical places in your city and visit them. While you are visiting them, discuss the significance of these places with your kid. Also, include those places which have a link to the Independence Day.


Independence Day is a day of prominence for us Indians. It is essential for every Indian to understand its significance and celebrate it with joy and enthusiasm. Help your kids to recognize this day’s importance and celebrate it for years to come.


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