Seven ways to teach your child to be independent


Parents want the best for their kids. They devote all their attention towards raising their kids well and are always focused on their development, growth, and happiness.

Parents assist their kids with almost all their firsts – their first word, their first steps, their first day at school, their first attempt at riding a bicycle and so on. Hand holding the kids come so naturally to them. It is but natural that kids look up to parents for almost everything – support, love, protection and so on; and amidst this, they become dependent on them. But, one of the most critical and significant achievements of parents would be to raise independent and self-reliant kids.

Parents must realize that the goal is to raise kids in such a way, that they can go about their own lives efficiently without them being around all the time. The kids need to learn to believe in their selves; they need to understand that they should be prepared to have their backs and that they can face the world on their own. Independence and self-reliance go a long way in determining the success of the child.

Here are 7 ways to teach your child to be independent:

1. Assign your kids age-appropriate responsibilities


It is imperative for your kids to believe that they can assume responsibilities. For them to believe in themselves, you need to believe in them and assign them responsibilities. Let them decide on their own on how they want to execute a given task. You can choose to guide them, but make sure you do not dictate terms.

2. Appreciate your kids’ efforts


Your kids are trying to execute the tasks and responsibilities assigned to them. It might be their first time. They might not be perfect with what they are doing but do notice that they are putting in efforts. Sincerely recognize and appreciate the efforts put in.

3. Let your kids make choices


Life will present a plethora of choices to your kids each day. Be around them to guide, but do not make the decisions for them. Let them think through what choice they want to make. It will bring them closer to understanding their selves, and their likes and dislikes. It will make them more self-aware and confident to make more significant choices in the future.

4. Encourage your kids to come up with ideas and solutions


Your kids might be a bundle of thoughts and ideas but they might be hesitant to share their opinions with the world for fear of their views being judged or mocked. Encourage them to overcome this fear and share their ideas, suggestions, and thoughts. Make them understand that not all ideas are supposed to be the best but brainstorming on the ideas with others will result in coming up with the best solution.

5. Teach your child the art of embracing failures


Your child might think of failing as a negative thing. The fear of failing might deter your child from even attempting the task. Talk to your child about success and failures. Make him/her understand that success and failures are two sides of the same coin and failure eventually becomes the stepping stone for success.

6. Encourage your kids to forge healthy relationships


The supporters that we have on our sidelines make a lot of difference on how far we go. Teach your child the importance of relationships and how to value those relationships.

7. Don’t always be there


Reflect on how you are working towards raising an independent kid. Are you always there for your child to solve every problem for him/her. Are you always his/her magic wand? Do not always be there. Use your judgment to decide which situations your child can handle on his/her own.

Teaching your kids to be independent is crucial for them to be successful and happy throughout their lives. Raise your child to be self-dependent and confident to take on this world.



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