5 educational apps for your toddler!


As quoted by Jim Comey, “Technology has forever changed the world we live in. We’re online, in one way or another, all day long. Our phones and computers have become reflections of our personalities, our interests, and our identities. They hold much that is important to us”.

Much like adults, kids these days are growing up with technology. Though there is no denying the fact that the screen time for kids should be limited; we cannot eliminate the screen usage in their lives altogether. In this case, why not put technology and screen space to the best possible usage – to aid the development of your child.

Here are 5 educational apps for your toddler:

1. My very hungry caterpillar


The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a famous picture book by Eric Carle. The famous character in the book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar™, has won millions of hearts the world over. My very hungry caterpillar is a 3D representation of the same. It encourages children to bring out the artist in them, and draw, paint and create colourful artwork.

2. Endless Reader


As your child will grow, being fluent in reading will become increasingly important. Laying the foundation early on is essential.

Endless Reader helps in improving the reading fluency of your child. It introduces your child to the vast world of sight words. Sight words are the most commonly used words in schools, children’s books, etc. Sight words glue the sentences together, and kids are to memorize these words. Endless Reader makes it fun for kids through animations and creatives to memorize these sight words.

3. Tiny Hands


Teaching your kid to sort and classify can be fun too. Get your child to play this game – Tiny Hands. The game comprises of multiple environments, each focussed on teaching your child to sort and classify objects using dimensions such as shapes, colours, size, vehicles, and animals. Tiny Hands is very engaging and enriching at the same time. It not only teaches your child to sort and classify but also improves his/her concentration and hand-eye coordination.

You can also use tips from this game and replicate a few environments from the game to teach your kids sorting and classifying in natural settings.

4. Tiny Robot Maker


Want to cultivate the passion to create in your kids? Introduce them to the Tiny Robot Maker App. The App lets your kids create colourful robots from pieces of scrap metal, cogs and pipes. Let your kids unleash their creativity and build some cool robots. You can also print your child’s favourite creations – and maybe turn them into greeting cards, wall hangings and so on.

5. Animals Puzzle


Puzzles are one of the best ways to exercise the mind. Having gone through their physical puzzles repeatedly, introducing your child to this wide variety of colourful animal puzzles occasionally, can be refreshing for them.

Though you cannot eliminate screen time from your child’s life, you can ensure that the screen time is adding to your child’s learning and development.


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