Make your Child’s summer exciting with Summer Camps

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Summer camps are quite popular for Indian families seeking a wholesome experience for their kids. These are immense fun, opportune for learning, great for overall health and enhance a child’s personality in totality.

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Nature Time:

Summer camps let your child’s explore the outdoors; learn more about flora and fauna and the diverse wildlife. Set in rustic environs, kids get a taste of nomadic life, far removed from the ‘instant digital age’. Scientific studies prove the multiple benefits of being close to nature – increased immunity, sharper senses, physical flexibility, mental awareness, emotional happiness and also time to introspect on the big picture of life.


Nurturing Independence:

The duration of summer camps differs with the organization or group you’re associating with and can be anywhere from 10 days to 3 weeks to a month or more. This means children set up their own tents, cook their own meals with local produce without fancy gadgets or equipment, make their beds and have to learn to look after themselves. Supervisors and camp leaders are usually present, however a child is taught to use his wits and build willpower to survive in all weather conditions and adapt to different environments.


Learning & Exploring:

Expect your child to come back with loads of new skills, hobbies and a diverse range of interests. Summer camps are a storehouse of activity with a lot of happening to keep your child engaged. From creative pursuits to athletic ones, a child can participate in everything from dance to art workshops, learn martial art forms, go trekking, sailing, experiment with new cooking recipes, and even discover his acting/singing/performing potential.  There’s never a dull moment and usually a child is encouraged to be actively involved in a variety of events to give him a wholesome experience.


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Social Network:

Feeling homesick on a summer camp is natural but you need not worry as your child will soon be part of a group. From sharing space with someone who’s his own age, to being around kids with varied personalities – expect your kid to find his own voice. Summer camp supervisors and leaders usually pair up like-minded kids to ensure safety and enjoyment. A mix of kids with different strengths and weaknesses is a good idea so they can support each other and be more emotionally balanced. Introverts and shy kids gain from such an arrangement as being part of a smaller and intimate circle helps them open up and express their inner self without hesitation. Expect your child to come back with lots of memories peppered with laughter, fights, silliness, gossip and unlimited fun.

Is summer camp part of your child’s vacay this year? What do you think of such experiences? Share your views with us and get featured on the blog.


It’s play-time with Peppa Pig

Combining charming cartoon characters and cute role-play toys, Smoby – Peppa Pig collection promises to bring imagination and cheer into your child’s life.

Cook like a Master Chef!

Kids love food and their spontaneity enables them to come up with new recipes and inventive names with simplest of ingredients. With Smoby – Peppa Pig Mini Kitchen, watch your little one flip imaginary pancakes and brew some coffee. Another fun way for toddlers to play with their mini gang is with Smoby Peppa Pig Picnic Basket, as they share interesting stories while eating some cake. These playthings lay the foundation for a child’s cooking skills as they grow up. They can also enjoy real food and drinks using these accessories.


Sell & Serve!

 We all love being served and Smoby – Peppa Pig tea-time tray and Smoby Peppa Pig Porcelain tea-set combines cute and utility accessories to help a child learn some kitchen etiquette. The cups, saucers, bowls and pots can be used to serve real beverages and snacks – but need to be handled with care. A toy that familiarizes kids with the outside world is Smoby – Peppa Pig Ice-Cream Factory. Your kid will learn how to sell sweet treats and play shop. The fake currency and cash register is useful to teach your kid about monetary transactions till he’s old enough to manage on his own.


Paint, Slide or Swirl

 Artistic or active, children have a variety of play-time options to stay engaged. Creative kids will enjoy coloring the lovely scenes with markers, crayons, pencils and stickers in Smoby – Peppa Pig Artist box and the compact packaging makes it easy to carry anywhere. For infants just learning to crawl and sit up, Smoby-Peppa Pig’s XS Slide, is a compact accessory with anti-skid steps. It’s a great pastime and also strengthens a child’s general motor skills and flexibility with time. Another cool option is Smoby – Peppa Pig Car Ride-on with is anti-topple function at front and rear ends that lets babies explore their environs securely. Their favorite toys and sippy cup can be stored under the seat as they move around.

Which are your favorite picks from this new collection for your kid? Share in the comments below.



5 Ways to make Merry this X’mas!


Among all holidays, Xmas is every child’s favorite. It’s a season for families to enjoy food and have fun with friends and loved ones as they are home for the holidays. Pick from Simba’s 5 Simple Ways to make merry this Xmas –


House-party: Nothing compares to the masti of a house-party! Decorate your house with festoons, cards, balloons and hide gifts in unexpected places for your kid. Invite their friends and parents, switch on some music and dance away. You could also keep a themed party, wear masks and costumes to add a fantasy element and dreaminess to the evening.


Mall Events: Participate in mall events and online contests which have exciting prizes at this time of the year. Malls have kid friendly zones, and are lit up with beautiful lights and decor for children to experience a good time. These are organized by stores and have many activities to keep your child engaged and enjoy a good time, often with someone dressed up as Santa singing “Ho! Ho! Ho!”. Simba Toys has in-store celebrations and offers for all its patrons and shoppers seeking special moments with their little ones.


Tour the Neighborhood: Get together a small group with kids and parents and sing carols as you walk around the neighborhood.  Or organize a small party within the society premises with each family bringing in a recipe and make it a pot-luck. One of the oldest traditions of ‘burning the old man’ is still popular among kids who dress up a stuffed life-size man with old clothes and go from home to home, getting donations and burn it or keep it away to symbolize letting go of the year gone by.


Pamper with Playthings: In every season and for any occasion, kids love toys and playthings – so pamper your kid with a bunch of new things to play with. Simba has an exciting range with special toys for Xmas which celebrate the dreaminess and joy of the season. Musical toys, plush toys, doll sets and the Frozen Range are favorites for kids of all ages.


Have a Picnic: Family picnics especially in winter can be so much fun. Go to a nearby park/garden and have an impromptu picnic with treats, rides and outdoor evening games. Watch the stars blink to life around dusk or just drive around – the options to enjoy the outdoors are endless. If your kid loves adventures, you could also plan a camping trip or a hiking trip and explore nature in all its beauty.

Which are some of the ways you and your loved ones celebrate Xmas. Share your ideas with us and get featured on the blog.


Meet the Minions!


These charming fellows called the Minions are always looking to serve and have fun. Here’s to the Magic of the Minions from Simba.


Plush & Mush

The adorable three Minions friends from the popular animated feature The Minions (2015) and Despicable Me are now available as cuddly plush toys from Simba. Made from premium quality fine fur, these are soft playthings which conform to International Standards of Safety. Their lovable expressions and charming personalities have been lovingly captured to bring cheer to your child’s play-time.


Bonny Bob

This little minion is usually seen carrying a little bear to comfort and cuddle. Always getting away with doing his own thing, rules never seem to apply to him in any situation. Bob is bonny, carefree and cute – see your child instantly get carried away with his charm and persona.


Silly Stuart

This one-eyed minion with a medium height is seen with a guitar and loves to play some happy tunes. He enjoys eating bananas and keeps dreaming about them and looking for them in unexpected places. Often found breaking the rules, let your child indulge his crazy, rebellious side with the mischievous and silly Stuart.


Caring Kevin

Leader of this fun trio, Kevin is the tallest minion of them all. He makes the rules, gives direction to his peers, and is brave in the face of crisis situations. Caring and conscientious, trust Kevin to save the day and always come up with ingenious solutions. With this minion, your child will act with courage and responsibility in fun role-plays with his gang of friends.

What do you love about the minions? Which one’s your favorite? Share your stories with us and get featured on the Simba Toys Blog.


Playtime Techniques to Boost Child’s Creativity


‘Creativity is Intelligence having fun’ said Albert Einstein.  Children who regularly express themselves in a creative form are better adjusted, emotionally happy and also have better harmony with others. Here are simple playtime techniques to boost your child’s creativity.


Through Role-play:

 Children are very malleable and can easily empathize with anyone. They follow their hearts and natural basic instincts and this is why they are great at role-plays of all kinds. Role-play is more than just an enactment – it allows kids emote deeper feelings, express views and empathize with other beings. This helps the child gradually gain fresh perspectives, understand other’s viewpoints, relate to them better and live in harmony with people from all walks of life.


Art & Crafts:  

 Art and crafts also help a child express their creativity in many ways. For instance, doodling helps them with shapes, clay helps them mold different objects, painting mosaics helps them view the world in many hues, and jewelry designing and sewing helps them weave together newer things. Creating things that they can use from their own hands and imagination is a very fulfilling experience at many levels. Gradually, this process boosts the child’s color perception, shape, visual and tactile senses.


Unusual Playthings: 

 Playthings which have different functions are very entertaining and educational. Their unusual functions such as visuals images, sounds or music, captivating expressions, action movements stimulate a child to think out-of-the-box. The same toy keeps them occupied for a long time as it can be played with in many ways and they can enjoy their play-time.


Song & Dance:  

Children are always inspired and spontaneous – dancing and humming tunes to their own whim. Both these art forms are useful in helping the child gain confidence and stage presence. Child learns to wow the audience by singing or through dancing or both; this is entertaining for others and a very joyful medium for little ones to express their emotions and energy. Gradually, singing helps kids strengthen their speech and vocal cords and dancing improves agility, flexibility and hand-eye co-ordination.

Which are some of the ways in which you encourage and stimulate your child’s creativity? Share your views with us and get featured on the blog.


Deciding Your Child’s Digital Diet


Today, the world is emotionally connected and work –driven through technology and using the internet and digital apps has become the way we communicate. Here’s how you can help your child be net-savvy and yet enjoy playing with toys and games as he shares many innocent moments of childhood with friends.

Here are some suggestions to map out your child’s digital diet through every stage of development.


Newborn to Infanthood  (0-3 years)

During this growth phase, it’s best if the child is only exposed to toys and non-electronic items. Let him play with plush toys, vibrant playthings which stimulate his visual, tactile, audio ability along with his hand-eye co-ordination. To begin with, you could familiarize him with sounds of a cell phone, baby songs and even allow him to watch rhymes on television. Digital diet can be limited to half an hour daily or 3 hours weekly, with several breaks in between.


Young Childhood (6-12 years)

Children at this age get familiar with numbers and can dial calls by themselves. Their interest in television, music & cartoon videos, video-games increases. Many kids also learn how to click pictures using their parents’ smartphones and use video calling apps. Allow young kids to explore these digital avenues as these enhance their general knowledge, vocabulary, cognition and communication skills. Ensure the channels he watches are a balance of information and entertainment. Keep a constant watch on them or supervise them every now and then to check everything’s ok. Digital diet for young kids can be limited to 2 hours daily or 8-10 hours weekly, with several breaks in between.


Teens 13 years +

Teens are the most exciting time for growing kids and they get conscious of their appearance and social circles. Cell phones, tablets, TV, pc are all common gadgets for teens to discover themselves, their world and also to enjoy the moment. Allow your child to have a web presence by having their own account on email, social media platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram where they can read, write and share information. Ensure they discover their own unique personality rather than blindly follow a celebrity lifestyle which is not suited to their age or emotional health/well-being as at this stage teens are highly impressionable. Digital diet for young kids can be limited to 3 hours daily or 10-12 hours weekly, with several breaks in between.


Do’s and Don’ts / Things to Remember

  • Ensure your kid takes several breaks in between and cuts-off from digital media as it can be very exhausting for a child’s (and your) overall health and well-being.
  • Ensure the screen your child is enjoying media on is a large screen from a distance. Smaller screens or watching from very near could strain or hurt his eye-sight.
  • Keep a watch on the content they are exposed to, to ensure they don’t get too carried away or too addicted.
  • Block or restrict channels which have explicit content on the browser settings of your phone, TV or pc.
  • Gadgets can never replace the pure joy a toy brings, so ensure your child is surrounded by playthings as these are a constant reminder of the innocence of childhood.

Which are some of the ways in which you have set up or are deciding your child’s digital diet? Share your feedback with us and get featured on the blog.


The Big Kid Within


Parents gain immense healing& joy by playing with their kids and here are some of the positive changes they experience by playing with toys and games on a regular basis.

Need for parents to de-stress

Working parents are often juggling between so many tasks the whole day. They need a break after fulfilling so many responsibilities at the workplace and then getting back at home to take care of their family. Playing with toys and games along with their kids is an instant mood-lifter. This sort of light-heartedness boosts their energy and sense of humor.


Family Bonding

 Playing with kids, along with their toys, helps in emotional bonding and connecting with them in a very easy-going manner. Often play-time becomes a great time for teaching your kid more about family values in a more fun manner rather than making it a very serious subject. It helps kids feel closer to their parents and see them as friendly confidantes whom they can talk about anything in the world and not someone they have to obey out of fear.


Health Benefits

 Playing with toys, arts, crafts, simple board games and more have many health benefits for adults. It helps them heal their ‘inner child’ and once again relive simpler times of childhood. Engaging in such fun activities releases endorphins which uplift a person’s mood, makes them feel better and stress-free in just a few minutes. This result in better work performance, ability to think laterally, more creatively and also enhances problem-solving skills in the long run.

Mother and daughter playing.

Promotes Happiness & Well-being

 Playing with toys helps parents reflect and smile back at fond memories of growing up and being with their friends. Such positive memories enhance personal joy and bring back spontaneity & innocence associated with childhood. This boosts their zing for life and also promotes their overall sense of well-being.

Which are some of the positive changes you experience after playing with your kid? Share your story with us and get featured on the blog.