Back to School in Style!

Beginning a new school year is like embarking on an adventure for kids. They look forward to meeting friends, learning something new every day, and for this they need to have their study material and belongings together. Here’s how School Bags from Simba bring sweetness, style and sporty vibes to your child’s fresh start.


Pretty as a Princess: Simba bags capture the dreaminess of Disney Princesses in this fun range of schoolbags in vibrant prints and glitter. Belle, Rose, Cinderella, Ariel, Snow White, Jasmine and other beauties bring alive fables of fantasy and adventure to your little girl’s life. Each Disney Princess tells a story of courage and character – watch your child get inspired as she finds her own individuality and fairytale.


Dainty like Dora: Dora is known for setting off on new explores with her pet monkey Boots and is popular with school-going kids who are spontaneous and curious. Dora Schoolbags bring alive her stories through cute embossed prints as she carries a map, helps people she meets on the way and enjoys sports with friends. Your child will instantly connect to the daintiness and infectious naiveté of Dora as she plays sweet tunes on her flute.


Lets Smurf it!: This unique tribe in blue, described as ‘three apples tall’ is known for living in cute mushroom homes amidst flowers and fruits in a faraway forest. Children will love the friendly and family vibe of the Smurfs Schoolbags and are sure to relate to their tender feelings and experiences as captured on each bag with playful prints, glitter and embossing. Each Smurf has its own personality, and each bag tells a story that will capture your child’s imagination.


Superhero Charm: DC Comics is an iconic name in story-telling  – Batman and Superman are superheroes from their legendary family. Boys of all ages love the action, mystery, adventure and heroism both these character bags in premium silk prints represent. Inspiring them to fight the odds and motivating them to think outside-the-box, school-going kids will love these superhero bags which are a constant reminder to never give up and rise to the occasion with wit and agility.


Quirky Minion: They talk non-stop in a strange language and are constantly seeking a master to serve. Minion Schoolbags bring laughter into a child’s life with their innocent expressions and strange experiences with people, birds, animals and objects. A school-going kid will love the eccentric vibe these yellow creatures represent and are sure to aspire in someway, to view the world with the same wonder and humor.


Iconic Pokemon: Videogames are all about fun, speed and action – the fastest one wins! Pokemon is an iconic name in videogames, trading cards, films, and TV shows with signature merchandise around the globe. Simba with its official license brings these sought-after Character Bags in a range of attractive colors, which every child will love to own, show-off and even collect with time. A pop culture icon, Pokemon schoolbags are for the imaginative kid always seeking a way out of the maze with unlikely friends.


Football Fever: Sports brings the most diverse people together and football is considered a religion in itself. FCB Barcelona is named the ‘Best Football Club’ in the 21st Century and boys of all ages look upto these inspiring athletes. Representing sportsmanship, a winning attitude and need for excellence – these FCB School bags are for kids who aspire to be the best at whatever they put their mind to.

Which character does your child aspire to be like? Which schoolbag is their favorite? Share your views and get featured on the blog.


Bag it up in Style from Simba!

A bag serves so many purposes – carry one to keep your things together while at school or on travels, or just to make a fashion statement. Here’s what makes Simba bags so stylish.

Durable Materials

Made from premium quality fabrics, each bag is durable and long-lasting. These are made from a range of fabrics including, polyester D fibres, jacquard, microfiber and satin, which are malleable for designing bags in different shapes, yet retaining their fine finish. Glittered piping, silk screen prints, embroidery, deft use of sublimation prints add to the appeal of each bag.

High on Functionality

Apart from looking good, Simba bags are high on functionality and serve the purpose for keeping things sorted. Being water-resistant, these are all weather friendly and can be used during monsoons and also when it’s snowing. Separate compartments and inner pockets inside the school bags can be used to keep accessories, study materials, books and journals neat and tidy. The lunch bags are spacious enough for fitting in tiffins and bottles, and insulated to keep tiffin warm. Velcro closures make it easy to open and close the bag, adjustable handles are easy on the shoulders and ideal for growing kids. Soft padded back support and handles reduce the pressure of heavy bags while side mesh pockets are great for carrying knick-knacks, and the filler base is thick enough to offer sturdiness.

Varied Types

Simba features bags for all age groups and many preferences for boys and girls. Choose from a variety of lunch bags, messenger bags, pocket pencil cases, duffel bags, carry bags, travel bags, laptop backpacks, shoulder bags,  and fashion bags. So whether it’s a child going to school, a teenager out with friends, a school picnic, a short getaway, or just an evening among friends – Simba has something for everyone.

Attractive Themes

A bag is more than just an accessory, it’s an extension to one’s personality, adds to charm to appearance and also serves a feel-good-factor associated with carrying something attractive and cool. Simba’s popular playthings and characters find place in its fashion bags’ collection and come to life in multicolor and textures. There’s Dora the Explorer, the youthful Steffi Love, the evergreen Disney Princesses, Sports Themes for enthusiasts, cute Minions and adorable Smurfs to name a few. Let your child be spoilt for choice with these stylish bags from Simba and see them look forward to school!

What according to you makes Simba such a cool brand for bags? Which one’s your child’s favorite? Share your views and get featured on the blog.



Encourage Children to Evolve


A child brings immense joy, spontaneity and unconditional love to the lives of those around them. At times, though they need encouragement and gentle reminders to be able to evolve at every stage of growth. Here are some simple ways in which parents can help them evolve.


Naturally Nice: Kids are naturally nice and empathetic, often reaching out to those around them with hugs and compassion. Don’t mistake their mischief or playfulness for a bad attitude or stubbornness as they are just following their natural instincts to explore whatever’s around them. Avoid calling them ‘brat’ or ‘bad boy/girl’ as they could become like that just to rebel or prove something to you. Bring them into awareness if you feel your kid is going overboard or just not ready to listen or hurting someone by being too daft. It’s probably rooted in fear of losing identity and need for constant attention, so allow your child to be vulnerable and express it to you without any hesitation – heart-to-heart communication goes a long way.


Being Accepting to be Accepted: At times children give into the moment and may put someone else down out of fun, peer pressure or just envy of perceived notions of someone being superior or having better things than them. Make them understand that calling someone names or labeling them is ‘not cool’ even if he’s part of a group of friends who are doing this. Help your child see the big picture – realize that everyone’s unique and beautiful in their own way irrespective of how they look, weigh, own materially or marks they get in their report cards. Accept others without mocking their peculiarity as they could be in their place someday and also forgive those who’ve wronged them as mistakes are human nature.


Gentle Reminders:  Sit with your kid for a few minutes when they are mentally alert and in a mood to listen ( preferably morning) and gently remind them that they are inherently good-hearted and sweet and reaching out to someone else is a reflection of who they are.  Avoid being too preachy and don’t make it a lecture in moral science as children get bored and see it as criticism for self. Share wisdom once a while without making it a rule to be followed; for instance, a quote like “If you haven’t got anything nice to say about someone, don’t say anything at all.”


Being Empty: Scientifically, it’s healthy to be empty atleast mentally before going to bed, so talk to your kid before bedtime, and listen to their stories of how they spent their day. As they grow up, ask them to keep a diary or color pictures, create something with paper or dough, as this could help them vent everything healthily. If your child gets angry easily or throws too many tantrums out of excess energy or for seeking attention, ask him to pick a sport to be able to channel it out in a constructive manner. Emptiness creates space for a child to be spontaneous and happy and spread that happiness around them every time.

Which are some of the ways you help your child just be aware and evolve? Share your story with us and get featured on the blog.


Skills Of Positive Parent – Child Communication


Choosing to communicate positively is effective for building a harmonious parent-child relationship. Here are some way in which you could develop your skills.


Playing in Co-operation & Harmony: We are social animals and a child can’t play or enjoy alone. To be able to live their growing up years to the fullest, kids usually form a group of friends. A group dynamic demands cooperation and respect for differences, and in times of dis-harmony you could start off by helping your kid see another child as a reflection or extension of self. Gradually, this process enhances their empathy and compassion for every person they meet.


Bullying v/s Bonding: Kids bully at times to assert individuality & power, gain attention, or be leaders in the given situation. This is natural as kids can be very passionate and stubborn at times to just be heard or seen. As a parent you can rectify this behavior by being with your little one and talk to him about different ways in which they can bond with others and reach out to them. If your kid starts throwing attitude or just starts acting like a boss of everybody in a team, make him understand that a leader is chosen by those around him. So maybe he needs to relax his aggression and put down his ego when it is the question of the larger good of all.


Total Transparency: It’s not healthy for kids to bottle up emotions and often when they feel unloved or unappreciated or ignored, they start being difficult. Be warm & understanding enough for your little one to open up and be transparent about the most hurtful/bitter things bothering them. Avoid the need to be judgmental and call feelings “right” or “wrong” as it’s just human nature and your child is still a tiny human in this big world. Allow your kid to openly speak up about everything as this aids the healing process naturally, and helps them evolve as a more authentic person.


Seek & Speak the Truth: Be a friend rather than a parent and choose verbal communication even in situations where your child is being mischievous and difficult to discipline. Allow your child freedom to ask for whatever they want without acting up, whining, complaining, throwing tantrums so that they trust you more and grow up to be well-adjusted and understanding. Create an ambiance where your kid’s openness can flourish and avoid creating too many rules, because childhood is best enjoyed in freedom and surrender to the moment.

Which are some of the ways you communicate with your child? Share your views and get featured on the blog.


Teaching Spirituality to Kids


Following a religion is a personal choice; however, we are all spiritual in our own way. In today’s modern times, kids are also getting aware and curious about higher realms of consciousness. Here are some ways in which you can teach spirituality to your kids.


Prayers and Pledges: Its essential to teach at least a few prayers and chants to your child that are imbibed from your own roots. For instance, saying Grace before meals, chanting the Gayatri Mantra or just Om familiarizes them with your ancestral beliefs.  This keeps the child connected to family values and also helps them understand ancient spiritual knowledge. The country’s National Anthem or Pledge is a must for children to know and be conscientious towards the nation and people at large.


Values v/s Blind Faith: Religions can be dogmatic and could demand blind faith, instead maybe you could inculcate spiritual values to your kid that are encompassing. For instance, ‘Love’ or ‘Compassion’ for every person, animal, bird, and species. You could teach them to choose Peace and Communication v/s Arguments which can lead to unhealthy communication patterns. Also help them develop an attitude of Acceptance v/s Ridicule which helps them evolve and see people from many walks of life with equality.


Speaking & Thinking Positive: Words (written and spoken) carry vibrations and energy. Choosing to speak positively and thinking optimistically about any outcome frees the child, gives them hope and is great for health and well-being. Knowledge by itself is made of words so it’s a new look at spirituality. For instance: I failed can be rewritten or re-thought as “I have another chance to try and learn.”


Nurture Nature: Spirituality can also mean just being of service to others and what better than nurturing nature and care for the Planet that provides us everything from the time we are born. To be able to care for birds, animals, plants and everything around them is great for a child’s well-being and also helps them to evolve as a person.


Meditation: Silence is the most spiritual state of being as it helps a person to be introspective. Ask your child to maintain silence for few minutes every day as it helps them look within and later ask them how they really felt. This helps open up about their emotions and gradually makes them intuitive about their life. Chanting Om or any other vedic chant enhances the experience. Creative activities by themselves are meditative and can help a child expand their horizons even more.


Choose your Child’s name Wisely!


Selecting a name that sounds beautiful, is memorable, and that’s in alignment with your child’s energy and persona is a tough task. Here are some things you could consider before deciding on a name for you little one.


It’s For Life:

We carry our names for life. Families, especially parents-to-be spend hours trying to select the perfect name as that’s how their little one will always be addressed by everyone at home, friends, relatives, schoolmates, colony members and possibly everyone they meet.  A lot of people follow astro advice, moon/sun signs to select their baby’s name after analysing the birth chart and nakshatras, this however, is a personal choice. If you’re lost or confused, a popular trend is to find a name that combines alphabets from names of both parents. So your little one has the best of you both 🙂


Psychological Impact:

A name is more than just an introduction; it has deeper psychological, emotional and overall spiritual impact. A child consciously or unconsciously aspires to be like the quality his name means and evokes through life. It shapes the kid’s identity, behaviour and self esteem with time. Here are some things you can do while selecting an apt name:

  1. When it comes to naming the little one, everyone in the family has suggestions to make. List down all these suggestions.
  2. Find a name that the child can carry off even as an adult. Make sure you don’t go for names which may later become a topic of jokes/slangs.
  3. Select the name that sounds “right” along with the family surname.
  4. Try saying the name a few times and see if it resonates with you and is easy to spell and pronounce.
  5. See that the name is gender appropriate to avoid confusion in social settings.

Once you’ve finalised your child’s name, also ensure the nickname is cool or sweet enough as funny sounding nicknames often get stuck for life and become the topic of jokes.



Diverse Inspirations:

Ancient names taken from texts or chants are spiritual in nature and carry a strong energy with deep meanings and are a reminder of ancestral roots. Names inspired by nature are also a great choice as these are very sweet sounding, whimsical and carry fresh and raw energy. Flowers, birds and celestial bodies – the options are endless and are trendy enough to carry off and a child can easily relate to their energy. Names picked from different cultures sound exotic and can be inspired from your travel memories. Cities which have changed your life and have touched you in some way – there’s so much you can choose from. Names that are from captivating folk-tales and poems are dreamy. These capture the imagination and can be very inspirational for children who aspire to be like them.

Whom did you name your child after? Which were some of your choices? Share your story with us and get featured on the blog.


Inculcating Moral Values in Kids


Moral values are essential to be taught as these help a child build character and lays the foundation to evolve  as mature beings in later life.


Importance of Moral Values: Values by themselves are essential because they shape personality. Particularly, moral values improve a person’s social behavior and interactions with people from all walks of life. It’s important to teach a child moral values as it helps them live in harmony, connect better with others and it lays foundation for overall life.


Being Polite: Inculcating manners in speech and behavior from an early age shapes a child’s nature for life. Saying ‘Please’ while requesting someone or to seek help reflects a child’s ability to have with consideration with others. Saying ‘Thank You’ after receiving anything whether in kind compliments or material possessions helps a child value gestures and things. Apologizing by saying ‘Sorry’ when acting up or when one’s at fault helps a child introspect on their actions and keeps ego based emotions ( like fear, anger, worry, pride, stubbornness) in check.


Reaching out with Love: Love is an universal emotion and being able to reach out with love to one and all is a moral value based in equality and compassion. Teach your kid to reach out to slow learners, shy kids, friendless kids in the simplest of ways when they need love. Sharing playthings, inviting them for playing in the building, for celebrating birthday parties (theirs and yours) and also festivals is great way to bond and build friendships. Allow a new child who’s entering the playgroup some time to warm up and open gradually.


Being a Sport: Winning and losing are both sides of the same coin, participation is what makes a sport so special.  Make your child aware of how sports create bonding and build community spirit. Hence,  gracefully accepting success and failure is key to enjoying sports. Keep a check on your child if they show-off as winners as it could turn to arrogance and if they do, tell them that the game can change anytime. Enable them to see failure as another chance to learn and grow and get better at their game. An important aspect at the end of playing any match is to shake hands with every player and participant on the field as it shows respect for their sportsmanship and skills.


Speaking the Truth : Truthfulness is a moral value that builds character. Children are often afraid of punishment or ashamed if they make a mistake, so they lie or make up stories to escape responsibility.  Lovingly explain to your child that truth is integrity and it resolves situations instead of complicating it. This ensures that they remain rooted in truth and authenticity and evolve as mature and sensible beings.

Which are some of the moral values you have ingrained in your child or would like to? Share your views with us and get featured on the blog.