Back to School in Style!

Beginning a new school year is like embarking on an adventure for kids. They look forward to meeting friends, learning something new every day, and for this they need to have their study material and belongings together. Here’s how School Bags from Simba bring sweetness, style and sporty vibes to your child’s fresh start.


Pretty as a Princess: Simba bags capture the dreaminess of Disney Princesses in this fun range of schoolbags in vibrant prints and glitter. Belle, Rose, Cinderella, Ariel, Snow White, Jasmine and other beauties bring alive fables of fantasy and adventure to your little girl’s life. Each Disney Princess tells a story of courage and character – watch your child get inspired as she finds her own individuality and fairytale.


Dainty like Dora: Dora is known for setting off on new explores with her pet monkey Boots and is popular with school-going kids who are spontaneous and curious. Dora Schoolbags bring alive her stories through cute embossed prints as she carries a map, helps people she meets on the way and enjoys sports with friends. Your child will instantly connect to the daintiness and infectious naiveté of Dora as she plays sweet tunes on her flute.


Lets Smurf it!: This unique tribe in blue, described as ‘three apples tall’ is known for living in cute mushroom homes amidst flowers and fruits in a faraway forest. Children will love the friendly and family vibe of the Smurfs Schoolbags and are sure to relate to their tender feelings and experiences as captured on each bag with playful prints, glitter and embossing. Each Smurf has its own personality, and each bag tells a story that will capture your child’s imagination.


Superhero Charm: DC Comics is an iconic name in story-telling  – Batman and Superman are superheroes from their legendary family. Boys of all ages love the action, mystery, adventure and heroism both these character bags in premium silk prints represent. Inspiring them to fight the odds and motivating them to think outside-the-box, school-going kids will love these superhero bags which are a constant reminder to never give up and rise to the occasion with wit and agility.


Quirky Minion: They talk non-stop in a strange language and are constantly seeking a master to serve. Minion Schoolbags bring laughter into a child’s life with their innocent expressions and strange experiences with people, birds, animals and objects. A school-going kid will love the eccentric vibe these yellow creatures represent and are sure to aspire in someway, to view the world with the same wonder and humor.


Iconic Pokemon: Videogames are all about fun, speed and action – the fastest one wins! Pokemon is an iconic name in videogames, trading cards, films, and TV shows with signature merchandise around the globe. Simba with its official license brings these sought-after Character Bags in a range of attractive colors, which every child will love to own, show-off and even collect with time. A pop culture icon, Pokemon schoolbags are for the imaginative kid always seeking a way out of the maze with unlikely friends.


Football Fever: Sports brings the most diverse people together and football is considered a religion in itself. FCB Barcelona is named the ‘Best Football Club’ in the 21st Century and boys of all ages look upto these inspiring athletes. Representing sportsmanship, a winning attitude and need for excellence – these FCB School bags are for kids who aspire to be the best at whatever they put their mind to.

Which character does your child aspire to be like? Which schoolbag is their favorite? Share your views and get featured on the blog.


School bags, the most important accessory for your child

A child’s backpack is a very personal statement & possession. It’s a constant companion through the child’s educational experience. It reflects the child’s persona and also helps him carry all his school essentials safely together.

kids posing for back to school theme over white background

Bags should be smart, stylish & sturdy. It keeps your child feel good, which reflects in his/her confidence. Here’s what a good quality bag comes up with:

  1. Strong & Functional 

    Backpacks should be made from premium quality materials with strong inner linings. The School bags must have enough zipper sections to keep your child’s belongings neat & organized. This will help him find his belongings easily when he requires them and will reduce the probability of forgetting essential stationary.




2. Easy to Maintain

Kids are playful and excited most of the time, and they might handle their School bags roughly. It is essential that the School bags are easy to maintain. Bags must be washable and easy to clean. A good quality bag restores its colour and design even after repeated regular washing.

3. Eases your Child’s Burden

The bags must be ergonomically designed to distribute the weight on your child’s shoulder equally. It will greatly reduce the problem of shoulder or back pain and eases your child’s burden. Slightly wider straps with cushion make your child comfortable while he carries the bag.

4.Suitable Size

Bags must be of suitable size that fits the requirement of your child and are neither small nor too large.  An oversized bag may lead to discomfort and cause body ache to your child. Keeping in view a child’s growth and requirements bag size can range as 14 inch, 10 litre volume; 16 inch size with 15 litre volume and 18 inch size with 22 litre volume.

Bags as per the liking of your kid

By looking at the School bag from your kid’s eye will make you realise that every kid has his own cute preferences.



  1. Glow with StyleLittle girls love dreaminess & passion. They like striking visuals and stylish dolls. They glow with confidence & share dreams & sweetness with their bag



  2. Sporty & Thrilling

    Little boys love sporty & adventurous elements in their personal belongings as they are a reflection of their fun & active side. Bags featuring their favourite characters, sport stars emblems / logos, cars and related visuals motivate them to excel.

dora pix

3. Cute Kiddy Characters

Children also enjoy cute character themes on their bags as these make them smile and spark off their imagination. They relate a lot with the animated characters. It’s really exciting for them to carry their favourite character on their bags with them to School.

Simba comes up with a range of smart, stylish and sturdy bags with great functionality. Simba backpacks help your child stay organized while easing the burden on them and adding thrill to their daily School routine.