Benefits of Setting a Child’s Daily Routine


A child’s life is full of spontaneous moments and free-flowing discoveries. Setting a daily routine can give it some structure and make things easy to manage for parents. Here are simple ways in which a child’s daily habits can be set into a routine.

Sense & Structure:  A child’s day can never be fully planned as they slowly explore the world around us, learn to communicate and build bonds with every person they meet. The world is a fascinating place for kids where every moment carries wonder and joy that they want to experience. Setting a routine however, helps parents manage their time & commitments at home and work and it also gives child rootedness.  Daily habits such as waking up, brushing teeth, going potty, bath, dressing up, playing with toys, putting them back, meal-times, nap-time and more are a part of a child’s usual daily routine.

Family Bonding: Following a routine gives working parents more time to spend with their kids and just bond. Working parents often enjoy daily walks or a visit to the park with kids and rejuvenate. Shared experiences apart from play-time such as baking, just being with each other, telling stories or just watching a child grow up and discover the world one step at a time are highly enriching. This also releases the need to rush through life as parents savour moments of growth & development at every stage and are better able to cope with stress.

Healthy Habits: Both parents and kids with routines have been found to have better health. For instance, sleeping and waking up at a set time is better in the long run for the entire family. It aslo imbibes a sense of security in kids as they know what to expect and do incase they are confused.  Things run more smoothly around the house and the channels for communication are more open and peaceful.  A lot of parents maintain reward charts to add an element of fun for their kids but maintaining them regularly can be a bit daunting.

Self-Reliance:  Routines help a child be more independent and assured of their own ability to do things. Parents can just supervise them now and then to make sure they’re doing ok. This greatly reduces tension and power struggles between parents and kids as they are in better harmony as tempers don’t shoot up and everything can be managed more calmly with greater amount of love, patience and trust. This helps parents and kids work towards shared goals for instance completing school projects and planning a family vacation in advance.

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Money Matters In Childhood


Money matters and here’s how you can make your little one ‘penny-wise’ as they grow up.


Why it’s Essential:  Money may not buy happiness but it is sure essential to happiness. It’s the exchange we pay for goods and services of all kinds and is a mean to an end and a tangible necessity. Considering its importance, it’s essential to imbibe a sense of practicality in kids towards money from an early age. It familiarizes a child with the outside world and keeps them rooted in reality. A fun way to introduce monetary transactions is through toys. Smoby Ice-cream Shop by Simba brings play-value and learning to your child’s life as he enjoys selling sweets and treats through role-play.


Pocket Money: Getting pocket-money to spend on your favorite things is something we’ve all done as we were growing up.  A child learns to manage their finances as they start getting aware about their surroundings and by watching you and others around them deal with finances. Whether it’s buying new things from a shop, meeting friends or just going out to eat – it all helps them understand how to adapt to everyday situations.


Parents Discretion: When it comes to finances, tell them age appropriate things that the can grasp and which allow them to be responsible and yet enjoy the pleasures money can buy. Simultaneously, make them understand why being frugal is also necessary.  For instance, they could start ‘saving for a rainy day’ or even maintain a common family piggy bank for extra things around the house, for repairs and maintenance and other family purchases. You can encourage them to take summer jobs and internships to give them a real sense of ‘earning money.’
Earning & Learning: You can send kids to shop and ask them to account for it. You may also ask them to help you around the house for which they can earn an extra pocket money. Though it’s not about making them work, but about making them understand the value of money and that they “earned” it.

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How much freedom is essential for your child’s development?


Freedom is an integral part of a child’s growth and sometimes the most vital attribute, as it decides the child’s confidence levels, interpersonal interactions and overall personality. Here are some freedoms which are essential for every kid.


Freedom to be Themselves

Nurture your child’s individual tastes and preferences; these are his unique traits which define his personality in the long run. Let them discover their strengths and reach out to them if they are struggling with a weakness. This sort of emotional support and encouragement helps the child stand by what they believe in. However, keep a check that your child doesn’t go overboard or be over-confident with an “I am always right” attitude without considering the needs of others.


Freedom to Express

Home is a child’s space to ‘be’; cry, laugh, dance, play – so let them express their innermost feelings without stopping them or calling them ‘naughty’ or ‘cry baby’ as assigning labels creates a negative psychological impact on their tender minds. So drop the need to over-analyse and just accept & soothe your child’s emotional outbursts and let your home be a healthy space for all kinds of outlets. This ensures your child won’t have embarrassing public displays or engage in attention seeking behavior.


Freedom to Play

This is the most underestimated freedom as there is a lot of pressure on kids to excel academically and in all curricular activities at school. One of the most basic human rights for kids is to play and psychologically speaking, it is the most essential as it frees child from strict concepts and allows room for creativity. It introduces an element of fun and playfulness. Scientifically, after playtime children feel mentally refreshed and are in a better frame of mind to study. This freedom also includes ‘freedom to choose games and hobbies’ as many times parents decide which activity child ‘should’ engage in. Allow your little one to follow his heart and play whatever brings them inner joy. Playtime is solely for personal happiness and need not have any professional gains.


Balance between Freedom & Supervision

Balance is the key to let your kid evolve into a sensitive and sensible kid. Let your child exercise freewill but supervise them to ensure that when they stumble, they will be well-supported by you in every way possible. Also ensure that enjoying freedom need not mean shirking responsibility and getting away with doing anything but in fact taking complete accountability of their actions. For instance, if your child is only interested in playing with friends and ignores schoolwork completely or plays with toys in the living room but expects you to pick them up than you could probably talk to them about having a more well-rounded approach for their interests. This helps them remain rooted and become more responsible.

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Frozen Goodies for Fun with Family & Friends!

The film Frozen has captured hearts and imagination of children around the world with its sweet tale of sisters, friends and family values. Its most memorable characters have inspired a beautiful collection by Smoby for adding an element of fairytales & fantasy to your kid’s playtime.

  1. Dress to Impress!Dress to Impress!Watch your child enjoy being vain with Smoby Frozen Dressing Table . The feminine design and accessories will add to the merriment of your kid’s role-playing games as she and her friends admire each other’s beauty. Giving this a new angle is Smoby Frozen Beauty Shop which allows kids to act as beauticians, dress up and even exchange fake money!

2. Eat, drink & be merry!


Carry the sparkly Frozen Themed Picnic Basket to your next outing and watch kids indulge their appetite and imagination. The fancy utensils are perfect for light bites and pretend play. The Frozen Mini Kitchen is a delicate set for little chefs to cook up imaginary recipes with friends and make up stories.

3. Let’s go shopping!

shopping trolley

Children love trips to the supermarket & mall and Smoby Frozen Shopping Trolley brings fun & functionality to this routine. The trolley can easily carry lightweight items & the wheels move easily on even surfaces.

 4. Creativity Unlimited!creativity

Everyone loves desserts! Kids can now make up their favourite treats during play with Smoby Frozen Ice-cream Factory which includes fancy accessories such as a dispenser, sauces & even a cash register. For the artistic child, Frozen Magnetic Board with Pen are a great option to doodle cameos, stars, snowflakes, nature scenes and lots more!

Shop them all, have fun and sing – Let it Go 😉