Make the Most of Monsoons

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Make the most of the magical monsoon weathers with these simple guidelines from Simba Toys.  


Right Raingear: Monsoons can be enjoyable if you’re comfy and protected. Raincoats, carrying an umbrella, wearing ankle-length pants/shorts with long-sleeved tees keep a child warm. For footwear, closed sneakers and shoes are not recommended and instead kids could opt for flip-flops, gum boots, kitos, crocs, loafers with anti-skid grip and similar open sandals which allow their feet to breathe and also ease of movement. Avoid making your child wear socks as they could get smelly when wet and also lead to fungal infections because of exposure to dirty rainwater in puddles, swamps and gutters.


Diet-wise: Doctors and health care practitioner’s advice boiling veggies and drinking water as waterborne dis-eases such as gastroenteritis, cold, cough, and swine flu are on the high in the rains. The monsoon weather also demands a diet that keeps your kids warm and energized – vegetable broths, soups, dal-rice, curries are wholesome and better options than fast foods like pizza, sandwiches and fizzy beverages. Include lots of fresh fruits, nuts and seeds as well as these are a quick source of energy and also easily digested.


Hygiene Matters: Maintaining a high level of cleanliness is of utmost importance in the rains. Keep hands and feet clean by regular washing after every time you’ve been outside to avoid germs that cause bacterial and viral infections. Use neem, aloe, and lavender, soaps/bath gels which are anti-bacterial and also natural moisturizing agents to keep your child’s skin clean, fresh and supple. If your child experiences itchiness while wearing school shoes, sprinkle foot powder to keep feet protected and dry. Avoid swimming pools and public parks as they could be full of unclean water, mosquitoes and worms.


Enjoy the Magic: The monsoon weather is quite dreamy and ambient. Try visiting a park/scenic hill-side for a picnic or short getaway to explore and enjoy the lush green environs. Trekking/hiking for 12+ year old’s is quite popular as it offers them an outdoorsy and adventurous experience. Just ensure they are constantly under adult supervision to avoid accidents and injury from other unforeseen events.

In which ways do you and your family enjoy the beautiful monsoons? Share your views with us and get featured on the blog.


Encourage Children to Evolve


A child brings immense joy, spontaneity and unconditional love to the lives of those around them. At times, though they need encouragement and gentle reminders to be able to evolve at every stage of growth. Here are some simple ways in which parents can help them evolve.


Naturally Nice: Kids are naturally nice and empathetic, often reaching out to those around them with hugs and compassion. Don’t mistake their mischief or playfulness for a bad attitude or stubbornness as they are just following their natural instincts to explore whatever’s around them. Avoid calling them ‘brat’ or ‘bad boy/girl’ as they could become like that just to rebel or prove something to you. Bring them into awareness if you feel your kid is going overboard or just not ready to listen or hurting someone by being too daft. It’s probably rooted in fear of losing identity and need for constant attention, so allow your child to be vulnerable and express it to you without any hesitation – heart-to-heart communication goes a long way.


Being Accepting to be Accepted: At times children give into the moment and may put someone else down out of fun, peer pressure or just envy of perceived notions of someone being superior or having better things than them. Make them understand that calling someone names or labeling them is ‘not cool’ even if he’s part of a group of friends who are doing this. Help your child see the big picture – realize that everyone’s unique and beautiful in their own way irrespective of how they look, weigh, own materially or marks they get in their report cards. Accept others without mocking their peculiarity as they could be in their place someday and also forgive those who’ve wronged them as mistakes are human nature.


Gentle Reminders:  Sit with your kid for a few minutes when they are mentally alert and in a mood to listen ( preferably morning) and gently remind them that they are inherently good-hearted and sweet and reaching out to someone else is a reflection of who they are.  Avoid being too preachy and don’t make it a lecture in moral science as children get bored and see it as criticism for self. Share wisdom once a while without making it a rule to be followed; for instance, a quote like “If you haven’t got anything nice to say about someone, don’t say anything at all.”


Being Empty: Scientifically, it’s healthy to be empty atleast mentally before going to bed, so talk to your kid before bedtime, and listen to their stories of how they spent their day. As they grow up, ask them to keep a diary or color pictures, create something with paper or dough, as this could help them vent everything healthily. If your child gets angry easily or throws too many tantrums out of excess energy or for seeking attention, ask him to pick a sport to be able to channel it out in a constructive manner. Emptiness creates space for a child to be spontaneous and happy and spread that happiness around them every time.

Which are some of the ways you help your child just be aware and evolve? Share your story with us and get featured on the blog.


5 Ways to make Merry this X’mas!


Among all holidays, Xmas is every child’s favorite. It’s a season for families to enjoy food and have fun with friends and loved ones as they are home for the holidays. Pick from Simba’s 5 Simple Ways to make merry this Xmas –


House-party: Nothing compares to the masti of a house-party! Decorate your house with festoons, cards, balloons and hide gifts in unexpected places for your kid. Invite their friends and parents, switch on some music and dance away. You could also keep a themed party, wear masks and costumes to add a fantasy element and dreaminess to the evening.


Mall Events: Participate in mall events and online contests which have exciting prizes at this time of the year. Malls have kid friendly zones, and are lit up with beautiful lights and decor for children to experience a good time. These are organized by stores and have many activities to keep your child engaged and enjoy a good time, often with someone dressed up as Santa singing “Ho! Ho! Ho!”. Simba Toys has in-store celebrations and offers for all its patrons and shoppers seeking special moments with their little ones.


Tour the Neighborhood: Get together a small group with kids and parents and sing carols as you walk around the neighborhood.  Or organize a small party within the society premises with each family bringing in a recipe and make it a pot-luck. One of the oldest traditions of ‘burning the old man’ is still popular among kids who dress up a stuffed life-size man with old clothes and go from home to home, getting donations and burn it or keep it away to symbolize letting go of the year gone by.


Pamper with Playthings: In every season and for any occasion, kids love toys and playthings – so pamper your kid with a bunch of new things to play with. Simba has an exciting range with special toys for Xmas which celebrate the dreaminess and joy of the season. Musical toys, plush toys, doll sets and the Frozen Range are favorites for kids of all ages.


Have a Picnic: Family picnics especially in winter can be so much fun. Go to a nearby park/garden and have an impromptu picnic with treats, rides and outdoor evening games. Watch the stars blink to life around dusk or just drive around – the options to enjoy the outdoors are endless. If your kid loves adventures, you could also plan a camping trip or a hiking trip and explore nature in all its beauty.

Which are some of the ways you and your loved ones celebrate Xmas. Share your ideas with us and get featured on the blog.


We love Kids!


A child carries forward the family lineage and brings with him/her a treasure of divine gifts – happiness, cuteness, innocence and much more. Here are our heartfelt reasons on why we love babies and everything about them!


Cuteness Overload

Just the sight and sound of a little child turns insides to mush and makes one feel joyful. Each child has their own unique behavior and mannerisms. They are instant dose of happiness and warmth, and even a few moments in their company decreases negative flow of energy. The way they smile, giggle, do silly things, make funny gestures, babble in baby language, come up with fanciful stories – it’s an instant dose of happiness.

children 3.jpg

Source of Pure Joy

Spending time with your little one or any kid can really boost your mood and overall well-being. It’s an instant stress-reliever as kids are so simple and spontaneous in their thoughts and actions. Their open laughter, warm hugs, cuddles are enough to help you forget your woes, and make you smile again. Their pure natures and emotional generosity will bring joy even to the most depressed or tired person.  A child’s love and presence can often mend broken relationships and bring zest to existing ones.


Innocent Perceptions

A child has no pre-conceptions, the way they look at the world and everything in it is fresh and new, without any judgement or bitterness or sadness. This is motivating for adults and those who are jaded or depressed to perceive things differently. Their innocence captures the heart and inspires the mind – it’s very contagious and charming to be in their guileless company. Their mischievousness makes one feel like having fun and be carefree too.


All Embracing Attitude

Children are fascinated by everything they see, hear, feel or touch. Everything from toys to daily use items to something inventive – it immediately attracts them and activates their imagination. They play with these things and start caring for them as if they are real. They have this same embracing attitude for people too, as they are so trusting. A child’s empathy often changes an adult’s cynicism and helps them get in touch with their own emotions which naturally heals and frees the person from sadness and other lower frequency emotions.

Every child is a beautiful gift to the World. Tell us why you love kids and get featured on the blog.


Deciding Your Child’s Digital Diet


Today, the world is emotionally connected and work –driven through technology and using the internet and digital apps has become the way we communicate. Here’s how you can help your child be net-savvy and yet enjoy playing with toys and games as he shares many innocent moments of childhood with friends.

Here are some suggestions to map out your child’s digital diet through every stage of development.


Newborn to Infanthood  (0-3 years)

During this growth phase, it’s best if the child is only exposed to toys and non-electronic items. Let him play with plush toys, vibrant playthings which stimulate his visual, tactile, audio ability along with his hand-eye co-ordination. To begin with, you could familiarize him with sounds of a cell phone, baby songs and even allow him to watch rhymes on television. Digital diet can be limited to half an hour daily or 3 hours weekly, with several breaks in between.


Young Childhood (6-12 years)

Children at this age get familiar with numbers and can dial calls by themselves. Their interest in television, music & cartoon videos, video-games increases. Many kids also learn how to click pictures using their parents’ smartphones and use video calling apps. Allow young kids to explore these digital avenues as these enhance their general knowledge, vocabulary, cognition and communication skills. Ensure the channels he watches are a balance of information and entertainment. Keep a constant watch on them or supervise them every now and then to check everything’s ok. Digital diet for young kids can be limited to 2 hours daily or 8-10 hours weekly, with several breaks in between.


Teens 13 years +

Teens are the most exciting time for growing kids and they get conscious of their appearance and social circles. Cell phones, tablets, TV, pc are all common gadgets for teens to discover themselves, their world and also to enjoy the moment. Allow your child to have a web presence by having their own account on email, social media platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram where they can read, write and share information. Ensure they discover their own unique personality rather than blindly follow a celebrity lifestyle which is not suited to their age or emotional health/well-being as at this stage teens are highly impressionable. Digital diet for young kids can be limited to 3 hours daily or 10-12 hours weekly, with several breaks in between.


Do’s and Don’ts / Things to Remember

  • Ensure your kid takes several breaks in between and cuts-off from digital media as it can be very exhausting for a child’s (and your) overall health and well-being.
  • Ensure the screen your child is enjoying media on is a large screen from a distance. Smaller screens or watching from very near could strain or hurt his eye-sight.
  • Keep a watch on the content they are exposed to, to ensure they don’t get too carried away or too addicted.
  • Block or restrict channels which have explicit content on the browser settings of your phone, TV or pc.
  • Gadgets can never replace the pure joy a toy brings, so ensure your child is surrounded by playthings as these are a constant reminder of the innocence of childhood.

Which are some of the ways in which you have set up or are deciding your child’s digital diet? Share your feedback with us and get featured on the blog.


Pros of Getting Creative, Arty & Crafty


Being able to create something is a gift. Children seek inspiration in the simplest of things and make them beautiful by giving their ideas and perceptions a form through colors, shapes and textures.

Discovering art & craft forms is more than just a past-time. It has multi-fold benefits, Simba tells you more.


See the World Through Different Eyes

Arts & crafts push boundaries of what already exists in a particular form. Children have their own unique vision which is untouched by norms. A tree need not be green and brown it can also be pink and white, the sky can be purple, swans blue, crows yellow and so on. A blank canvas gives them a chance to bring out a never-before-seen angle to things, just what the world needs sometimes. Fresh eyes to see what’s around us and experiment with the mundane.


Boost Senses, Growth & Intelligence

Neuroscience has confirmed that children who are creative are better at problem-solving, lateral thinking and also have very sharp senses. Regularly painting or creating something boosts their overall growth – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It enhances their personality and gives a well-rounded boost to their overall development. Creative kids often take up professions in later life that will nurture and explore this talent they have such as fashion designing, jewelry designing, interior designing, architecture and more.


Natural way to De-stress

Creating is a no-mind task.  The logical mind takes a backseat while a child is involved in painting, coloring, stitching, building or any other arty activity. Join your child in this process and feel your stress reduce. Many studies also dub this as ‘meditation’ as the mind is completely relaxed and people often report feeling calm and centered. Just scribbling, doodling, decorating a vase or beautifying a picture can help a tired child feel rejuvenated after a busy day at school.


Interesting Dimension to Personality

Being creative is an interesting dimension for any child. It brings out his/her individual perspective and also the ability to think out-of-the-box. This is an added trait especially for kids who love the limelight or are team leaders as it makes them confident and well-equipped for dealing with any kind of crisis with ease. They also have a happy-go-lucky attitude as they can gel with different people and adapt easily to new environments.

Which creative activities does your child enjoy? How does art & craft help him in real life? Share your story and get featured on the blog.


Did You Know? Toys help children become friendly?

Toys create friendship and turn ordinary moments of playtime into special memories.  It is during the early years that the foundation of social skills and interpersonal relationships gets built.

Simba Toys encompasses many such games and toys that can be played in groups. These are fun past-times for family, siblings and kids to enjoy together.

Here are some popular games from Simba and their social benefits:

  1. Sharing, Caring and Empathy

    (l-r:  Plush toys from Nicotoy, Kids sharing plush toys with each other)

    From 24 months onwards, kids begin to understand and express love, trust and affection towards family, siblings and all those they meet. By sharing toys during play they learn to be giving. This helps them make friends, care for their feelings and also reduces their “social anxiety”. They also stop clinging to caregivers as their companions increase. These qualities of caring & sharing help build a fairly friendly child.

  2. Role-playing & Expressiveness

    (l-r: Steffi love Family Box Set, An introvert child playing with his mother)

    Role-playing games with dolls helps babies express their emotions about self and loved ones.  The child slowly builds his/her social identity and learns more about the various aspects of everyday life. Toys are especially useful for introverted kids to step out of their comfort zone.

    3. Healthy Competition, Strategy and Sportsmanship

    (l-r: 3D Air Hockey from Games & More, Eichhorn’s Outdoor Rope Ladder)

    (l-r: 3D Air Hockey from Games & More, Eichhorn’s Outdoor Rope Ladder)

    Playing with others helps a child develop qualities of a sportsman who can handle winning or losing with ease. He/she also learns to strategize, become a leader and also harmoniously play with others. It’s also a great way to release physical and emotional energy in a healthy manner.

    4. Siblings & Family Bonding

    (Family playing together)

Play-time gives kids a fun chance to connect with siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and all other members of the family. There’s a feeling of one-ness, joy and love that makes the family stronger as a unit.

5. Builds Confidence, Creativity & Compassion

(l-r: My Music World Mike & Drum Sets, A group of kids playing together)

Playing with toys helps artistic kids express themselves with ease and build confidence. Children also learn to be more compassionate towards a new child entering a group. Playing together helps kids come up with more ideas, creative solutions and innovations.

As they say, the more the merrier 🙂

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