Make the Most of Monsoons

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Make the most of the magical monsoon weathers with these simple guidelines from Simba Toys.  


Right Raingear: Monsoons can be enjoyable if you’re comfy and protected. Raincoats, carrying an umbrella, wearing ankle-length pants/shorts with long-sleeved tees keep a child warm. For footwear, closed sneakers and shoes are not recommended and instead kids could opt for flip-flops, gum boots, kitos, crocs, loafers with anti-skid grip and similar open sandals which allow their feet to breathe and also ease of movement. Avoid making your child wear socks as they could get smelly when wet and also lead to fungal infections because of exposure to dirty rainwater in puddles, swamps and gutters.


Diet-wise: Doctors and health care practitioner’s advice boiling veggies and drinking water as waterborne dis-eases such as gastroenteritis, cold, cough, and swine flu are on the high in the rains. The monsoon weather also demands a diet that keeps your kids warm and energized – vegetable broths, soups, dal-rice, curries are wholesome and better options than fast foods like pizza, sandwiches and fizzy beverages. Include lots of fresh fruits, nuts and seeds as well as these are a quick source of energy and also easily digested.


Hygiene Matters: Maintaining a high level of cleanliness is of utmost importance in the rains. Keep hands and feet clean by regular washing after every time you’ve been outside to avoid germs that cause bacterial and viral infections. Use neem, aloe, and lavender, soaps/bath gels which are anti-bacterial and also natural moisturizing agents to keep your child’s skin clean, fresh and supple. If your child experiences itchiness while wearing school shoes, sprinkle foot powder to keep feet protected and dry. Avoid swimming pools and public parks as they could be full of unclean water, mosquitoes and worms.


Enjoy the Magic: The monsoon weather is quite dreamy and ambient. Try visiting a park/scenic hill-side for a picnic or short getaway to explore and enjoy the lush green environs. Trekking/hiking for 12+ year old’s is quite popular as it offers them an outdoorsy and adventurous experience. Just ensure they are constantly under adult supervision to avoid accidents and injury from other unforeseen events.

In which ways do you and your family enjoy the beautiful monsoons? Share your views with us and get featured on the blog.


Wise Ways To Make Bath-time Fun!

Bath-time is full of emotional moments for parent and child

Bath-time is full of emotional moments for babies and parents. A lot of babies are restless, afraid and get cranky during bath-time. This is also a time when baby emotionally bonds with parents in a light-hearted way and learns about hygiene. Using bath-toys and coloured bath salts removes the fear & discomfort and makes this daily ritual fun

Spontaneity & Learning from ABC

(l-r: Sea creatures set which make squeaking noises, Bath Play set with a pouring water function, Swimming Turtle Shape Sorter)

(l-r: Sea creatures set which make squeaking noises, Bath Play set with a pouring water function, Swimming Turtle Shape Sorter)

  • Bath-toys bring spontaneity to child’s bathing time
  • Themes and characters like sea creatures, cartoons, nature and more introduce learning in a relaxed way to growing kids.
  • ABC toys from Simba are safe, colourful, musical, with rich textures and high quality. These stimulate child’s visual, audio and tactile sense.
  • For instance, ABC’s Swimming Turtle Shape Sorter introduces kids to sorting and understanding different shapes. This toy is beneficial for child’s hand-eye co-ordination, colour recognition and early learning
  • Another useful toy is ABC’s Bath Play Set in which child’s pours water into the waterwheels and funnels of the toys. This builds child’s motor skills, grip over objects and muscle development.

 Glibbi’s Colourful Promise


(Glibbi’s Colourful Bath Gels create a fun bathing atmosphere for kids)

(Glibbi’s Colourful Bath Gels create a fun bathing atmosphere for kids)

  • For babies one year or older – use a durable tub for baby’s bath-time.
  • For babies 3 years and above, use Glibbi’s dermatologically tested products from Simba.
  • Glibbi turns bathtub water into a colour of your choice- Deep Sea Blue, Lava Red, Jungle Green and Pink Princess.
  • Your child will love to splash the bath gels and enjoy the colourful experience

Hope the above tips help you give a happy & healthy childhood to your little one while having fun!

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