Celebrating Navratri with Kids

Navratri is a vibrant nine day festival that’s enjoyed by all Indian communities around the world. Here are some social, cultural, safety aspects that can help parents make it a fun & safe celebration for kids and themselves.

The Drama: Navratri is a popular Indian Festival celebrated for nine days with traditional dances and folk music. With origins in Gujarat & Rajasthan’s folk culture, Navratri  is celebrated around the world – it’s fun and drama attract people to just let go and enjoy the bonhomie. Distinctive to it are the colourful, shiny clothes with traditional mirror handwork, bangles upto the shoulders and lots of jingling & blingy trinkets worn from head to toe.  All nine days involve prayers and offerings to the Goddesses of the Hindu Pantheon and family visits to shrines.

Social & Cultural impact on Kids: Kids especially are very enthusiastic to participate in the festivities. Their favourite part is the ‘dressing up’  – colourful swirling skirts, flared dhotis, blouses, ethnic jackets, stoles and jewellery for both boys and girls. To ensure your child enjoys every aspect of the dancing, parents can ensure they are appropriately dressed. Pinning the stole to the top so it doesn’t fall off or slip, using minimal make-up, wearing ornaments made from natural metals or just light thread-work, and wearing flat ballet shoes with colourful motifs is a beautiful & comfy way to go for little ones.

Safety Measures: Apart from the dressing, parents need to follow certain safety measures while having fun. Since Navratri garba & dandiya is often celebrated in open grounds & large auditoriums, it tends to get noisy and crowded, so stay close to your kid or enjoy your dancing alongside. Make them wear a name badge just to be sure or something distinctive like a colourful cap or scarf so you can spot them even from a distance. Ask the host or emcee to make an announcement and click your child’s pic in their costume so it’s easy to find them if they do get lost in the crowd. Its recommended to go in a group as there’s safety and more merriment in numbers and more people to supervise the kids through the night. Use organic/herbal colours for rangolis and decorations around the house and involve your kid as its very creatively fulfilling. Stay hydrated if participating every day and get ample rest as it’s not a bank holiday and schools and universities remain open. It’s a great time for family bonding and community spirit and teens tend to go astray so ensure they carry a cell phone and stay in touch constantly.


Additional Activities: Navratri is a celebration of colours and joy of life. Simba’s Art & Craft products can be used to add more drama to homes, events and dressing kids. Kids can design their own jewellery using Simba’s  10,000 Colors Beads Set & Simba Art & Fun Deluxe Beads Set. These DIY kits feature glittery & delicate beads, crystals, pearls in various heart, floral and whimsical shapes along with threads that can be used to string together bracelets, necklaces and anklets for dressing. Another fun product is Simba Art & Fun Mini Magic Designer which offers stencils with unique shapes that can be used to create rangolis at the home’s entrance. Presently, a lot of people are involved in eco-friendly activities during festivals and planting & gifting tree saplings is a popular choice for many families.

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Money Matters In Childhood


Money matters and here’s how you can make your little one ‘penny-wise’ as they grow up.


Why it’s Essential:  Money may not buy happiness but it is sure essential to happiness. It’s the exchange we pay for goods and services of all kinds and is a mean to an end and a tangible necessity. Considering its importance, it’s essential to imbibe a sense of practicality in kids towards money from an early age. It familiarizes a child with the outside world and keeps them rooted in reality. A fun way to introduce monetary transactions is through toys. Smoby Ice-cream Shop by Simba brings play-value and learning to your child’s life as he enjoys selling sweets and treats through role-play.


Pocket Money: Getting pocket-money to spend on your favorite things is something we’ve all done as we were growing up.  A child learns to manage their finances as they start getting aware about their surroundings and by watching you and others around them deal with finances. Whether it’s buying new things from a shop, meeting friends or just going out to eat – it all helps them understand how to adapt to everyday situations.


Parents Discretion: When it comes to finances, tell them age appropriate things that the can grasp and which allow them to be responsible and yet enjoy the pleasures money can buy. Simultaneously, make them understand why being frugal is also necessary.  For instance, they could start ‘saving for a rainy day’ or even maintain a common family piggy bank for extra things around the house, for repairs and maintenance and other family purchases. You can encourage them to take summer jobs and internships to give them a real sense of ‘earning money.’
Earning & Learning: You can send kids to shop and ask them to account for it. You may also ask them to help you around the house for which they can earn an extra pocket money. Though it’s not about making them work, but about making them understand the value of money and that they “earned” it.

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Children’s Day Celebrations


We were all babies once, and children make the world go round. Celebrating the playfulness, the innocence, the sheer joy and naughtiness of being a child is crucial to any society – because they are the leaders and people of the future generations to follow. Here are some quick ideas on making this a fun day for ‘tiny humans’.


Diverse Origins: 

Every country around the world celebrates Children’s Day on different dates and the Universal Children’s Day is on 20th November as declared by the United Nations. In India, this day “Bal Diwas” is celebrated on 14th November, on India’s prominent national leader Jawaharlal Nehru’s Birthday, fondly called ‘Chacha Nehru’ by children. His immense contributions include child welfare especially in rural areas where he made it compulsory for primary kids to receive free education and also eradicated malnutrition by supporting better eating conditions and organised milk and other meal supplies for them.


Fancy Dress:

 This day is celebrated by kids with lots of enthusiasm and popular dress-up parties or ‘Fancy Dress Competition’ is often held for pampering and indulging their whims. Children love to wear costumes and enact a role and this is a very healthy medium for them to channel their energy and imagination. It’s both fun and educational as kids dress up as national leaders, animals, birds, nature inspired things, fairy tale characters and more. Adding to their appearance is the unique sounds, make-up and speeches as they bring these varied characters to life.


Games & More:

 On this day children can just ‘be’ in a state of joy and fun all day. They can play games with friends; enjoy amusements, dance and more. Competitions and quizzes are also held to gauge their knowledge and wit. Sweets are often distributed along with gifts like stationery kits, party supplies, fancy tattoos and masks for them to go all out and make this day memorable with friends.


Nurture Inner Child:

Adults/ big kids can nurture their inner child on this day by participating in fun events with their kids or cooking something special at home. Simba Stores in malls have events and contests for parents and their kids which have interesting prizes up for grabs. These are emotionally fulfilling for parents who get to re-live their childhood, and for kids to bond with the parents and make many happy memories together.

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Plush Toys – Cuteness & Lots of Mush

plush toys 1

Every kid loves plush toys. The softness, the dreamy expressions and the warmth they radiate when hugged. Simba Toys has a range of plush playthings which will enrich your kid’s childhood with sweetness & fun.

Here’s a quick look at what makes Simba’s Plush toys so special.


  1. Premium Quality & Safety 

Simba’s vast range of plush toys includes teddy bears, animals and other whimsical characters & cartoons that will delight your child. Each toy goes through a stringent process for Quality Control to ensure its non-toxic, without any sharp edges or fancy details and made from 100% safe materials. All toys are certified by EN-71 norms for Safety & Hygiene.

plush toys 22. Bear Hugs and More

Everyone loves plush toys as they are so huggable! The charming Disney characters are really cuddly & soft and bound to make your little one feel warm & mushy. Pooh, Donald Duck, Mickey are popular examples. These are perfect companions to play, rest, for snuggling during bedtime and while traveling. Their innocent expressions and soft paws will make your child smile every time.

3. Cricket Buddies

Plus toys


Teddy Bears make great sports buddies. Check Simba’s new collection of ICC World Cup Teddy Bears who will cheer you up all through the tournament. Each of them is unique, wearing trendy jerseys, supporting their favourite team. There’s a bear for Australia “Cricket Powerhouse of the world” known for setting admirable records. One for the heroic New Zealand team “Land of Kiwis or the Black caps”, for Sri Lanka – The team with the “spirit of a lion”, South Africa “The dark horse of the Cricketing World” and the Ace Gentlemen Players from England.

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