Celebrate Fatherhood


Celebrate fatherhood and all the lovely moments of this journey on International Father’s day with these cool ideas from Simba Toys. Young fathers can celebrate with their dads and kids; spread the love across age groups and generations.


Food Events: Food is a great way to bond. If you’re a foodie and so is your dad and kid, you could attend live cooking events and tastings together. Explore the various food options in the vicinity or across the city as you gorge on the varied cuisines and flavours. Maybe even learn new recipes, cook together and if nothing else – experiment with street food or restaurants at the mall.


Sporty Fun: Playing sports is a great way to de-stress and bond. You could visit your local park, gym, club or just step out in the building to play football, basketball, cricket, tennis, badminton – the options are endless.  Engaging in sports is fun and brings zest to your routine as well.


Get Creative: Channel your creative energies to make something you can look back to with fondness. Plant saplings in your garden or in the colony, construct or repair furniture for your home, or create art that will be a great keepsake. This boosts your collective problem-solving skills and also adds warmth to your relationship.


Just be Home: You could always just stay back home and take it easy. Enjoy a movie marathon with your favorite movies, challenge each other at video-games, go through photo albums, or just talk.


Gifts: Gifts are a great way to make your dad or kid feel special and celebrate fatherhood.  Some popular ideas include spa vouchers to enjoy rejuvenating treatments, a fitness band, an insurance policy or even market bonds to secure the future. A handwritten card or letter is a sweet and sentimental way to express your love.

How do you plan to celebrate Father’s Day? Share your ideas with us and get featured on the blog.


Creating a Collage of Memories


Childhood moments are the highlights of one’s life. Capture your child’s growth, milestones and special times in collages, albums and through digital scrapbooking to look back with lots of smiles.


Capturing School Moments

Get together a photo album with pictures of your child’s many activities in school. Picnics with friends where they enjoyed spontaneously, fun camps where they took home lots of learning’s, annual day participation where they expressed talents and lots more. The best moments that makes up the sweetness of childhood.


Treasure Family Bonds  

Family gives a child’s roots and help your child look back at the early years with fondness. Capture the highlights of birthdays, the fun of family outings, and the leisure & explores of vacations through notes, diaries and pictures. These are the moments of togetherness that keep the family close knit & bonded for years. Pass these on to your kid when he grows up.


Record Yearly Growth

Make it an annual thing to record your child’s growth. Children are very adaptable and evolving and go through so many changes so quickly. Make notes in a diary about your little ones milestones and achievements. This helps your child reflect on everything learnt.   And you get a chance to observe and encourage your kid to do better.


Time Capsule for Keeps

Create a time capsule of sorts in form of videos and audio clips telling your kid about how it is to see him grow up and what’s happening around at that time. Record your child’s changing voice, cute dances, naps, and playtime.  Make an email account for your kid and regularly email him sharing your feelings and thoughts. When your child is old enough, share the password and watch them connect to you in a deeper way.

Which are some of the ways that you are treasuring your kid’s childhood memories? Share your story with us and get featured on the blog.




Fan Mail for Frozen Porcelain Tea Set

Frozen Tea Set

Testimonials are a sweet way of saying “I Love You” and here is a very heartfelt handwritten note Simba Toys received for Frozen’s Porcelain Tea Set.

testimonial letter

Mishika- Her Mother’s Little Princess

Mishika is an adorable 4 year old girl who loves Frozen Toys and Collectibles! She already has many Frozen Themed products such as playing cards, pencil case, Disney character tent and a lot more. Her parents recently got her the delicate Frozen Porcelain Tea Set. To their surprise, Mishika loved it so much that she immediately started imitating her mother. She handled the cups and saucers with utmost care as she added home-made tea and sugar into it.


Frozen Porcelain Tea Set

Mishika carefully serving tea in the Frozen Porcelain Tea Cups

Making Memories

Mishika served homemade tea to her mother, her aunt (maasi) and even had a cup herself! Her mother’s eyes filled with tears as her sweet daughter lovingly imitated her and how well she has grown! Simba Toys is very happy to have been part of these beautiful family memories. Years later, when they look back, these moments are sure to make them smile and laugh over their beautiful daughter’s cute antics.

The Frozen Porcelain Tea Set

Frozen Toys – For Family Fun

Simba is pleased to introduce Frozen Themed Toys for children that bring fun for the entire family.

Some of the highlights of Frozen Toys & Collectibles are:

  • Cameos and prints of the lovable film characters – Anna, Elsa & Olaf
  • Re-create the dreamy ambiance of the film
  • Bring a touch of fantasy & beauty to playtime
  • Functional toys based on everyday activities
  • Children can play with these toys and learn from them too
  • Stimulate senses & role-playing games
  • Enhance creativity & imagination

Simba Toys hopes your family enjoys this beautiful Frozen range and eagerly awaits testimonials from you all for these amazing new products.

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Did You Know? Toys help children become friendly?

Toys create friendship and turn ordinary moments of playtime into special memories.  It is during the early years that the foundation of social skills and interpersonal relationships gets built.

Simba Toys encompasses many such games and toys that can be played in groups. These are fun past-times for family, siblings and kids to enjoy together.

Here are some popular games from Simba and their social benefits:

  1. Sharing, Caring and Empathy

    (l-r:  Plush toys from Nicotoy, Kids sharing plush toys with each other)

    From 24 months onwards, kids begin to understand and express love, trust and affection towards family, siblings and all those they meet. By sharing toys during play they learn to be giving. This helps them make friends, care for their feelings and also reduces their “social anxiety”. They also stop clinging to caregivers as their companions increase. These qualities of caring & sharing help build a fairly friendly child.

  2. Role-playing & Expressiveness

    (l-r: Steffi love Family Box Set, An introvert child playing with his mother)

    Role-playing games with dolls helps babies express their emotions about self and loved ones.  The child slowly builds his/her social identity and learns more about the various aspects of everyday life. Toys are especially useful for introverted kids to step out of their comfort zone.

    3. Healthy Competition, Strategy and Sportsmanship

    (l-r: 3D Air Hockey from Games & More, Eichhorn’s Outdoor Rope Ladder)

    (l-r: 3D Air Hockey from Games & More, Eichhorn’s Outdoor Rope Ladder)

    Playing with others helps a child develop qualities of a sportsman who can handle winning or losing with ease. He/she also learns to strategize, become a leader and also harmoniously play with others. It’s also a great way to release physical and emotional energy in a healthy manner.

    4. Siblings & Family Bonding

    (Family playing together)

Play-time gives kids a fun chance to connect with siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and all other members of the family. There’s a feeling of one-ness, joy and love that makes the family stronger as a unit.

5. Builds Confidence, Creativity & Compassion

(l-r: My Music World Mike & Drum Sets, A group of kids playing together)

Playing with toys helps artistic kids express themselves with ease and build confidence. Children also learn to be more compassionate towards a new child entering a group. Playing together helps kids come up with more ideas, creative solutions and innovations.

As they say, the more the merrier 🙂

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5 Ideas for a Steffi Love Dollhouse

Little girls love Dollhouses. They are an outlet for their emotions and creativity. Simba brings you some cool ideas to build your daughter her dream dollhouse with Steffi Love’s cool collection!

A dollhouse is a playful and colourful space for little girls to enjoy house games, role-play and build up cute stories. This helps them express their feelings openly and learn about the various things in real life in a fun manner. They are a wonderful past-time for a group of children to play together for hours and build lots of memories.

Here are 5 Cool Ideas from Simba for a Stylish Dollhouse:


  1. The Basic Home Structure
    (l-r: A romantic Castle, A minimalistic Design House, and a Dreamhouse from Steffi love)

    (l-r: A romantic Castle, A minimalistic Design House, and a Dreamhouse from Steffi love)

    Select a basic home structure. Steffi Love Collection from Simba offers readymade structures complete with the necessary fittings and accessories. Choose from a “Dreamhouse”, “A Romantic Castle” or a more modern & minimalistic “Design House”.

  2.  Add a Pool Party

    Steffi Love Pool Party Set

    Steffi Love Pool Party Set

A lot of kids love swimming in the pools. Add a pool party set to your dollhouse and let your child play with her favourite Steffi Love doll. The best part is the mini-pool can be filled with real water – let the fun begin!

3. Get a Coffee Stand

Steffi Love’s Coffee Shop Set

Steffi Love’s Coffee Shop Set

Kids love to gorge on pastries, cakes and buns! Add an element of daily life pampering by getting a coffee stand for your child’s dollhouse. This plaything is sure to keep your little one occupied and make you smile!

 4. Charming Car or Scooty

(New Beetle Cabrio Car and Chic City Scooter from Steffi Love)

Children enjoy car and scooty rides in actual life. Cars and scooters in charming designs from Steffi Love bring a vibe of freedom and excitement to play-time. They are also a relaxed way to introduce safety measures of crossing the street alone to little kids.

5. A Camping Car

(Hawaii Camper Set from Steffi Love)

(Hawaii Camper Set from Steffi Love)

How about exploring the city and camping on a beach? Play the guitar and enjoy a delicious barbecue while you talk to friends. These are the stories that will keep your kid engaged and will make you want to be a child again just for some amazing adventures. These also stimulate your little one’s curiosity and imagination about the world in general.

A dollhouse is more than a plaything or past-time – it’s a storehouse of wonderful memories. Build yours today with the lovely collection of Steffi Love at Simba!

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