Make your Child’s summer exciting with Summer Camps

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Summer camps are quite popular for Indian families seeking a wholesome experience for their kids. These are immense fun, opportune for learning, great for overall health and enhance a child’s personality in totality.

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Nature Time:

Summer camps let your child’s explore the outdoors; learn more about flora and fauna and the diverse wildlife. Set in rustic environs, kids get a taste of nomadic life, far removed from the ‘instant digital age’. Scientific studies prove the multiple benefits of being close to nature – increased immunity, sharper senses, physical flexibility, mental awareness, emotional happiness and also time to introspect on the big picture of life.


Nurturing Independence:

The duration of summer camps differs with the organization or group you’re associating with and can be anywhere from 10 days to 3 weeks to a month or more. This means children set up their own tents, cook their own meals with local produce without fancy gadgets or equipment, make their beds and have to learn to look after themselves. Supervisors and camp leaders are usually present, however a child is taught to use his wits and build willpower to survive in all weather conditions and adapt to different environments.


Learning & Exploring:

Expect your child to come back with loads of new skills, hobbies and a diverse range of interests. Summer camps are a storehouse of activity with a lot of happening to keep your child engaged. From creative pursuits to athletic ones, a child can participate in everything from dance to art workshops, learn martial art forms, go trekking, sailing, experiment with new cooking recipes, and even discover his acting/singing/performing potential.  There’s never a dull moment and usually a child is encouraged to be actively involved in a variety of events to give him a wholesome experience.


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Social Network:

Feeling homesick on a summer camp is natural but you need not worry as your child will soon be part of a group. From sharing space with someone who’s his own age, to being around kids with varied personalities – expect your kid to find his own voice. Summer camp supervisors and leaders usually pair up like-minded kids to ensure safety and enjoyment. A mix of kids with different strengths and weaknesses is a good idea so they can support each other and be more emotionally balanced. Introverts and shy kids gain from such an arrangement as being part of a smaller and intimate circle helps them open up and express their inner self without hesitation. Expect your child to come back with lots of memories peppered with laughter, fights, silliness, gossip and unlimited fun.

Is summer camp part of your child’s vacay this year? What do you think of such experiences? Share your views with us and get featured on the blog.


Tips for Traveling with Toddlers

family vacay Family trips are a lot of fun with many moments of togetherness & love. Traveling with infants & toddlers can be quite stressful since little children are sensitive to the changing environment and can easily get discomforted and cranky. Here are a few simple tips from Simba to help you balance & manage your kid while make the most of your vacay!



Bag it Right  

Keep a lot of clothes handy – versatile pieces like shorts, tees, tanks, pants and more which can be easily mixed and matched. These help keep the child fresh & well-dressed even if you can’t wash their clothing.  Carry a portable first aid with medicines, band-aids, thermometer to keep a check on your child’s health. Also pack lots of napkins to keep your child fresh, hats to keep him protected from harsh elements like sunlight or chills, sunscreen for skin protection, diapers for frequent changes and a quick dry mattress to keep him comfortable while sleeping without messing the bedding. Keeping your child’s favorite toy or plaything will reassure & comfort him/her in unfamiliar surroundings.


Diet Discretion

Vacations become times of indulgence with gorging on oily, sweet, spicy & rich delicacies. Be mindful about what you are feeding your child, keep it simple & light. Consuming fruits from the local markets which are readily available is a good idea. Small meals are also easy to digest for kids. Avoid oily foods, salty chips, and packaged goods as they are laden with preservatives which can be detrimental on health. While traveling during summers, ensure your child is well-hydrated. It’s recommended to keep your child’s personal bottle or sippy cup separate to keep mouth & other oral allergies and infections at bay.


Staying Cool & Calm

It can get very daunting to take care of your child while you’re sightseeing or just relaxing. Be patient and keep a cool head while your child adapts to the new environment.  Kids can get cranky with slight discomfort or at a new place, check what might be the causes, it could be hunger, thirst or the environment.   Children usually gesture excitedly if they see something new or appealing and also babble or speak in their unique language to express what they are feeling. Enjoy these moments of their innocence and watch them adapt gradually.

Which are the best moments about family vacations? Which are some of the difficulties you face as a parent? Share your story with us and get featured on the blog.