Inculcating Moral Values in Kids


Moral values are essential to be taught as these help a child build character and lays the foundation to evolve  as mature beings in later life.


Importance of Moral Values: Values by themselves are essential because they shape personality. Particularly, moral values improve a person’s social behavior and interactions with people from all walks of life. It’s important to teach a child moral values as it helps them live in harmony, connect better with others and it lays foundation for overall life.


Being Polite: Inculcating manners in speech and behavior from an early age shapes a child’s nature for life. Saying ‘Please’ while requesting someone or to seek help reflects a child’s ability to have with consideration with others. Saying ‘Thank You’ after receiving anything whether in kind compliments or material possessions helps a child value gestures and things. Apologizing by saying ‘Sorry’ when acting up or when one’s at fault helps a child introspect on their actions and keeps ego based emotions ( like fear, anger, worry, pride, stubbornness) in check.


Reaching out with Love: Love is an universal emotion and being able to reach out with love to one and all is a moral value based in equality and compassion. Teach your kid to reach out to slow learners, shy kids, friendless kids in the simplest of ways when they need love. Sharing playthings, inviting them for playing in the building, for celebrating birthday parties (theirs and yours) and also festivals is great way to bond and build friendships. Allow a new child who’s entering the playgroup some time to warm up and open gradually.


Being a Sport: Winning and losing are both sides of the same coin, participation is what makes a sport so special.  Make your child aware of how sports create bonding and build community spirit. Hence,  gracefully accepting success and failure is key to enjoying sports. Keep a check on your child if they show-off as winners as it could turn to arrogance and if they do, tell them that the game can change anytime. Enable them to see failure as another chance to learn and grow and get better at their game. An important aspect at the end of playing any match is to shake hands with every player and participant on the field as it shows respect for their sportsmanship and skills.


Speaking the Truth : Truthfulness is a moral value that builds character. Children are often afraid of punishment or ashamed if they make a mistake, so they lie or make up stories to escape responsibility.  Lovingly explain to your child that truth is integrity and it resolves situations instead of complicating it. This ensures that they remain rooted in truth and authenticity and evolve as mature and sensible beings.

Which are some of the moral values you have ingrained in your child or would like to? Share your views with us and get featured on the blog.


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